PackHacks: Travel Laundry Gear

As we get ready to hit the road again, we have been working to refine our packing list. We would like to reduce what we bring with us by a third on this trip by eliminating some of the clothes we rarely wore and by having the ability to wash the ones do. We often found ourselves asking each other if they were sick of looking at the other person in the same clothes. This was because we constantly wore the same clothes. On a long trip like ours, you typically find a few outfits that work for you and basically wear them until they are too dirty to wear in public (in some cases, way past that point). A problem we found was that we needed to be able to wash a small load of laundry whenever and wherever we were but often found ourselves staying in a places without laundry facilities. Instead of having to track down a laundromat like last time, we’ve decided to pack a few simple products that will allow us to clean our clothes anytime, anywhere and be ready to go in the morning.

 Lewis N. Clark Laundry Kit-

  • Comes with a large rubber stopper that fits in most sinks.
  • Includes eight packets of Woolite cold water wash.
  • Individual packs reduce weight and reduce the likelihood of a spill.
  • Cleans well in cold water for when hot water is scarce. 
  • Woolite is gentle enough for most delicate items.


Travel Laundry Clothesline-

  • Made from woven latex tubes.
  • Comes with two large loops that attach easily to window latches, doorknobs or other protrusions.
  • Stretches up to seven feet.
  • Woven design holds clothes in place making clothespins unnecessary.
  • Weighs only 2.4 ounces and fits into a 4 x 6 inch pouch for easy packing.
  • Surgical rubber resists bacterial growth.
  • Clay drying desiccant included to absorb moisture after use.

Stain Removal Pen and Wipes-

  • Compact size fits easily into any day bag or pocket.
  • Removes most stains with initial treatment.
  • Helps pre-treat tough stains for later washing.
  • Tide To Go Stick great for small stains
  • Shout Wipes perfect for large area stains
  • Keeps you looking and feeling clean without having to change clothes.  

These couple products will help us pack less, continue to wear our favorite clothes and ensure we don’t become the smelly people on the train. If you have any PackHacks you would like to share, we would love to hear about them.

Happy Packing!