Samantha is naturally motivated to use and apply rational formulas, rules, systems, and/or procedures to deal with concrete variables where only limited instructions or guidelines exist. Emphasis here is on solving operational or administrative PROBLEMS that develop in familiar areas. This is commonly known as ‘troubleshooting’ and Samantha has a natural preference for the mental procedure of doing so. Motivation is derived from a goal of getting the “train back on the track”. This trait requires onsite familiarity with operations, a sense or suspicion of where things might or could break down, and savvy about ways to fix the problem.
— Aptitude Test

Hey there – I’m sure Kyle will send a more formal thank you note once he catches his breath, but in the meantime I just wanted to send a small note, offline to say thanks for all you did to create, produce and manage the review event.  It was by far the most gigantic review footprint we’ve ever done, and while I was stressed about it for a million reasons, I always had 100% trust that somehow the NCompass team would find a way to make it work.

Thanks for doing what you do!

Mike Mantarro  

Senior PR Director, Call of Duty


I can’t thank you enough for your understanding, caring nature, Sam. Every time I do one of these events I learn more and more, and your guidance through the craziness sets an amazing example for me and for the rest of the crew. I feel very comfortable talking to you about things on all levels, I appreciate your open ear, and I welcome feedback in every capacity, because it helps me learn to be a better ‘me’ in whatever role I am taking on at the moment. 

Thank you for being a fearless leader, and thank you for trusting me to get the job done. Please know that if you ever need ANYTHING, I’m here, and I’d be happy to jump into any project with your name on it. 

Till the next one… = )