Where the hell does time go, anyway?

It’s been nearly three years… way too long. The alien universe we inhabit these days is so vastly different from our 2014, but no more textbook. 

Since we’ve been gone:

  • We moved cross country, back to the bayou. 
  • We went from newly married to newly parents and newly homeowners.
  • We traded milking goats for milking mommy - 22 months and counting the days till we're done.
  • Wild nights end at 10pm, or when someone falls asleep sitting upright. 
  • Most nights end at 7pm, wresting a 30lb octopus out of the bath and into the bed. 
  • Dance parties involve a less booze, no nicotine, a variety of tiny musical instruments and one more microphone. 

… and so much more.

Life is, needless to say, mildly different from when we were cavorting around the EU, looking for adventure and letting the wind take us where it willed. 

I’d like to pick up the journey, though, and invite you along for the ride. I can’t guarantee far away lands, but let’s not rule them out entirely; You can bet there will be more challenge, more triumph, more tears and plenty more good things to eat (most eaten cold off someone else’s plate). 

Join us back here, please, cause we’re sure as shit still Nowhere Native.