PackHacks: Water Filtration Bottle

One of the biggest inconveniences we have found while we are out on the road is finding drinkable water. Whether we are staying somewhere that only has access to well water or we are walking around exploring a new city, having clean water is important. Nothing will derail your trip quicker than picking up a stomach bug from the local water. Simple tasks, such as brushing your teeth or rinsing off a piece of fruit, can become dangerous if you use the local tap water. Buying bottled water is always an option but that can get expensive and it's not always practical having to carry heavy water bottles everywhere you go. Filtering and purifying your own water also allows you to cut down on the amount of plastic bottles you throw in the trash, reducing the effects on the environment. 

We have found a product that will allow us to filter and purify water from any source without having to constantly purchase bottles. On our next trip we will be bringing a GRAYL Water Filtration Cup 

  • System works like a French Press coffee maker. Simply fill the outer cup with water and press the inner filter cup down to filter.  
  • Cleans and purifies 16oz (nearly half a liter) of water in just 15 seconds.
  • Removes heavy metals, chemicals and 99.99% of bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella) and protozoan cysts. 
  • Optional purifier filter removes 99.99% of viruses.
  • Improves the taste and smell of your water. 
  • Stainless steel and food grade silicon materials ensure both durability and cleanliness. 
  • Unique lid design can be used three ways: locked tight for travel, open (with a pressure released fast-flow valve to prevent "glugging") or unscrewed completely for use as a cup.
  • Cleans the equivalent of 300 bottles of water before having to change the replaceable cartridge.
  • The cost-per-fill comes out to about $0.10 per 16 oz; significantly less than a bottle of water.


GRAYL is designed for people who care deeply about both what they put in their bodies and their footprint on earth.
— GRAYL website

Do you have a product you think we should bring on our next adventure? If so, we would love to hear about it in the comments below. 

Happy Packing!!