PackHacks: The Best Water Bottle I've Ever Used

When we were planning this trip one thing we wanted to bring with us were water bottles. To be honest, actually only Samantha wanted to bring them with us. I thought they were too cumbersome and would only take up valuable packing space. But to be fair she was totally right on this one.

Rolls up small for easy packing

Rolls up small for easy packing

We did both agree that we hated having to constantly buy plastic bottles wherever we went. They cost too much and we felt bad throwing out so many. To help remedy this we would normally buy a few larger bottles and refill them when needed. These bottles would only last about a week or so until it was time to buy new ones because the old ones wore out or we lost a cap somewhere or they were just too big to fill under the sink. Another problem we found was that the small bottles didn't hold enough water and the bigs ones were too awkward and heavy to carry with us when we went out during the day. We needed something that was portable, easy to carry and held enough water to keep us hydrated. 

We had also read that refilling plastic bottles too many times can lead to BPA chemicals leaching into the water. These chemicals have been reported to cause a wide variety of health problems for women and children, especially reproduction issues. As a newly married couple considering starting a family we wanted to eliminate this risk. 

We started by purchasing an awesome water filtering and purifing bottle from Grayl. With this item, we can take even the most questionable water and turn it into clean, fresh drinking water. Because this is a bit bulky and slightly heavy, Samantha agreed to carry this with her; this would be "her" water bottle.

The next obsticle was to find one for me. I wanted something that was flexible (no hard plastic or glass), easy to drink from (I really dislike drinking from straws or the really wide-mouthed containers), easily packable (this is about making packing easier, hence PackHacks) and large enough to hold the water I need (I tend to get dehydrated very easily if I'm not careful). 

My new favorite "anti water bottle"

My new favorite "anti water bottle"

What we found was the Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle and it couldn't more perfect for me. Here's why: 

- BPA free  

- 1.4 ounces empty

- Holds up to 32oz of water

- Folds or rolls up when not in use

- Flip top cap won't leak or open even when stuffed into full backpack

- Comes with attached carabiner for easy clipping to bag or belt loop

- Stands upright with even a minimal amount of water inside

- No "plasticy" flavor or smell transferred to the water

- Dishwasher safe

- Freezer safe

- Optional filter attachment sold separately  

- Wide variety of sizes, colors and features

If you are in the market for a new water bottle, this one is worth checking out!